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Lump in Throat Sensation after Eating Symptoms and Treatment


Are you experiencing a lump in throat sensation after eating food? If yes, then this article is for you. Here we try and find real solutions to the cause of the lump in throat.

The lump in the throat sensation is also known as the globus pharyngitis or a feeling of a globe getting stuck in your throat. The sensation may come and disappear at times after eating food.

While it hardly interferes with drinking fluids, eating is sometimes affected and may become painful swallowing solids. Some people may feel it after they eat something or drink fluids.

What Causes this Lump in throat after eating?

The exact cause of this lump is quite uncertain though many medical experts attribute it to a problem with muscle coordination within the esophagus, particularly when swallowing, read a highlight of the causes by following this link.

The condition can affect any person regardless of age. Stress, depression and anxiety are other causes of this annoying condition. Diagnosis and examination may be done to exclude other underlying problems.

However, reassurance that the condition does not relate to a serious underlying disease could be part of the relief and treatment.

Lump_in_throatSymptoms of Lump in Throat after Eating

The main symptom that is a lump feeling within the throat can come and go. You can feel it at the neck’s front and it can tend to move up and down.

It may not affect drinking or eating, and actually, in some individuals, drinking fluids may relieve the feeling.

Usually, there is no any amount of pain within the throat. Most people with the sensation detect the symptoms when swallowing saliva.

Other Causes of Lump in throat After Eating

The real cause of this sensation is not certain. Some specialists claim that the condition emanates from the coordination of muscles used in swallowing.

Swallowing involves many muscles that relax and constrict in the correct pattern for swallowing to take place normally. Muscles of people with globus sensation may not relax in the required pattern thus causing the feeling of something stuck in the neck.

This sensation happens when the individual tries to swallow saliva. However, when the person swallows food, the food tends to stimulate muscles differently thus resulting to the normal muscle relaxation.

The other cause for this feeling is reflux acid from the stomach towards the esophagus. Experts argue that reflux acid affects the way muscles relax around the throat.

In most people, stress might trigger the lump in throat feeling or aggravate the symptoms. The other factors that can worsen the symptoms of this condition is smoking and the post natal drip (excess mucus moving from the nose to the throat).

Treatment of Lump in throat after eating

If the physician detects globus sensation, you’ll be referred to the nose, ear and throat specialist. To ensure no other underlying condition explains the symptoms, the expert will typically examine your nose, mouth, and throat.

For most individuals that experience a lump in throat sensation after eating, they only need a medical specialist to evaluate their symptoms and explain to them that there is no other underlying issue like cancer.

For others, several treatments could be suggested. These include physiotherapy for muscles near the throat. Treatment for the postnasal drip can also help, and an example may include use of nasal spray.

Apart from this, treating using anti-acid medicines can also cure the condition, especially if the cause is acid reflux. In addition, if the individual affected smokes, he may need to stop the habit.

Lastly, if stress is the main cause, the person affected should go for stress relieving therapy though reassurance alone can be sufficient for most people.

Can Peanut Allergy Cause a Lump in Throat Feeling?

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Are you having a lump in throat feeling and suspect peanut allergy to be the cause of it? Peanut allergy is one of the main causes of food allergic reactions and sometimes happens to cause very severe allergic reactions which pose great danger to it’s victims.

Lump in Throat Peanut Allergy Relation

A peanut allergy refers to the reaction that takes place when the body’s antibodies(immune agents) mistakenly detects peanuts presence in the food as a potentially harmful substance when they actually aren’t and starts fighting it off.

If you have peanut allergy and you happen to rub your eyes with/ ingest peanuts or any food containing them, your immune system will overreact and cause so many allergic reactions including having a lump in throat feeling.

Other Symptoms associated with lump in throat caused by peanut allergy

When you have the lump in throat sensation resulting from peanut allergy, you will experience lots of other symptoms as well.

Due to the peanut allergy, you may also experience;

  • a runny nose,
  • hives,
  • colored and itchy skin,
  • tingling sensation on the tongue or lips.

If the reaction happens to be intense, you might develop more signs like

  • hoarseness,
  • coughing,
  • wheezing,
  • malaise,
  • belly pain,
  • swelling lips,
  • swollen neck,
  • and/or vomiting.

images (3)Some signs may give the indication of a more serious allergic reaction commonly known as Anaphylaxis. This is a severe reaction to peanut allergy and starts showing it’s effects a few moments after ingesting the allergen.

Here are more information about dealing with this state;

Anaphylaxis symptoms usually occur within minutes of exposure to an allergen. Sometimes, however, anaphylaxis can occur a half-hour or longer after exposure. Anaphylaxis symptoms include:

Skin reactions, including hives along with itching, and flushed or pale skin (almost always present with anaphylaxis)

  • A feeling of warmth
  • The sensation of a lump in your throat
  • Constriction of the airways and a swollen tongue or throat, which can cause wheezing and trouble breathing
  • A weak and rapid pulse
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Dizziness or fainting

When to see a doctor
Seek emergency medical help if you, your child or someone else you’re with has a severe allergic reaction.

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If the person having the attack carries an epinephrine autoinjector (such as an EpiPen or EpiPen Jr), give him or her a shot right away. Even if symptoms improve after an emergency epinephrine injection, a visit to the emergency department is still necessary to make sure symptoms don’t return.

Make an appointment to see your doctor if you or your child has had a severe allergy attack or any signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis in the past.

The diagnosis and long-term management of anaphylaxis are complicated, so you’ll probably need to see a doctor who specializes in allergies and immunology.

Source: Mayoclinic

Causes of the Lump in Throat Peanut Allergy

An allergic reaction takes place when the immune system overreacts resulting to the release of chemicals, particularly histamine, into the blood.

The chemicals can affect various body tissues including the skin, nose, eyes, throat, lungs, and the blood vessels. It is not yet clear why peanuts trigger such responses in some individuals.

The lump in throat sensation, also called globus pharyngeus has several causes including stress, stomach reflux, and coordination of muscles, which aid in swallowing.

As already mentioned, the chemicals the body releases after you eat peanuts, can affect different body tissues including the throat.

At the throat, these chemicals may interfere with the contraction of the muscles and when muscles do not contract in the correct pattern, you may feel the sensation of a lump in your throat.

Expected Diagnosis

In trying to diagnose the peanut allergy, the physician will begin by taking your medical history in addition to the physical exam. The doctor could ask you regarding any peanut allergies within your family, particularly for your siblings.

The physician may also ask for details related to symptoms like how soon the observed symptoms began after you ate food or whether any over-the-counter options worked out.

The doctor may want to ascertain whether other people became allergic after eating the same food, how it was prepared, and whether you ate other foods.


There is no real treatment so far for food allergies though after diagnosis, the doctor may instruct you to attempt two possible options: elimination diet and the oral food’s allergy challenge.

The elimination diet requires that you do not eat any foods that could cause allergic reactions just to see whether the symptoms will vanish.

If you eat the same food and the symptoms recur, then the doctor will confirm the food allergy.

For the oral food’s allergy challenge, you will need to eat various foods, which may trigger the allergic reaction including the lump in throat feeling.

The doctor will watch whether the reaction will occur. This is one of the nest options for diagnosing peanut allergy and other food allergies.

Generally, if the doctor establishes that your lump in throat feeling emanates from peanut allergy, then the best treatment will be one that stops the allergic reaction from your body.

In this case, the doctor may advice that you take antihistamines that will help to reduce the lump in throat sensation along other symptoms like itchy skin or runny nose.

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