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May 272013

Are you experiencing a lump in throat after quitting smoking and suspect you might be having throat cancer or stop breathing? You are not alone as there are many other nicotine quitters suffering with withdrawal symptoms of Smoking and this article is meant to help you find relief.

Lump In Throat Feeling After Quitting Smoking

Soon after you quit smoking, your body starts reacting and you start having a feeling of lump stuck in your throat, feel confused even think of turning back to the smoke? Well, it may or not be a strange feeling.

Lumps develop in the throat for different reasons as I stated in the post lump in throat feeling. In extreme cases, a lump in the throat could be indicative of throat cancer. In other cases it could just be a feeling of something swollen in the throat and nothing more.

This is medically called “globus hystericus” given the accompanying psychosomatic influences. It is very common and quite a huge number of people have reported having this feeling at one point or the other in their lives. In some rare cases, this could be associated with neurological or psychological disorders.

quitting-smoking-side-effectsWhy lump of throat after quitting smoking?

When you quit smoking, a number of withdrawal symptoms can follow. This include headache, back and neck pains, coughing with tar coming up in some cases, fatigue, diarrhea, belly pain, confusion, fast and irregular heart beats, nausea, weakness, joint pains, insomnia and a lump in the throat.

The latter in some cases comes with a feeling as though you want to contract a very bad fever and a feeling of heaviness and chest pain.

The first few weeks after you have quit smoking are the most difficult with many withdrawal symptoms characterized by frequent and prolonged headaches, nausea, anxiety and of course a lot of craving for tobacco.

This is because of the level of dependency the body has on tobacco. Nicotine creates chemical dependency and the body will crave certain levels.

One of the main reasons why sore throats develop after quitting smoking is because of a change in mucous production. Once a person stops smoking, normally the levels of mucus production rise and the result could just be a post natal drip (movement of mucus from the nose to the throat).

The excess mucous will irritate the back of the mouth, the throat and soft palate and this leaves you with sore throat and the lump in throat feeling, which can prove quite tedious.


Will these Smoking Side effects go away?

Yes, they soon disappear but only if you keep off smoking. If you decide to go back to smoking then you will increase the body’s dependency on nicotine and make it harder to drop the addiction. You need to talk to someone about your addiction and your efforts to let it go.

I would recommend this online help resource and this organisation, on the other hand I recommend seeing an ENT specialist to examine your throat and real cause of the lump problem.

How to deal with lump in the throat after quitting smoking?

Many people have used different methods and means to get rid of the lump in the throat. Normally, the first thing you want to do before you carry out a self diagnosis is to visit an ENT specialist as I said earlier and have professional diagnosis. This is because in some cases it could be more serious than you think.

A clear diagnosis from the doctor will help you know whether you dealing with a cancer case, lump in throat or just a normal sore throat. If it is a normal case however, you need to get anti-inflammatory throat lozenges and antiseptic to minimize the discomfort and pain. An aesthetic spray also works well in alleviating pain.

The good thing about professional diagnosis is that you may as well realize that you are suffering from allergies in which case anti-histamines would work wonders for you.

Do not get tempted to use of un-prescribed antibiotics as these might just lower your resistance to future infections.

Again sore throats could be because of detoxification. Some of the steps you will find quite helpful include drinking lots of water and working out to sweat and bring out toxins from your body.

Summary of Lump in Throat after Quitting Smoking

Congrats for quitting smoking once again, this is a good decision and your body will thank you for it even if it doesn’t show now. The withdrawal symptoms soon fade away and you’ll be back to good health.

You may try out some home remedies for sore throats such as turmeric and others

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