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May 262013

Are you wondering what could be the root cause of that lump like feeling in your throat? Are you worried that it might be Throat Cancer or or something worse? Is there reason to worry?

This article aims at discovering the real causes and symptoms associated with that “Globus sensation” and possible treatment options available for you to get better.

Background of Lump in Throat Feeling

You, just like many other people may have experienced this feeling of having a lump stuck up your throat; sometimes this feeling might be real or simply imagined.

You may be experiencing this feeling together with symptoms like shortness of breath, difficulty in swallowing food or drinking fluids, at times the feeling can be accompanied with nausea, vomiting and persistent coughs that won’t go away, but before you jump into conclusions about that lump in your throat it is important that you get the facts right and be able to establish the root cause of the problem and get the right treatment.

You may not have visited an E.N.T doctor, and I highly advised that you go ahead and do so or have visited several doctors with differing opinions about what could be the cause of your problem, I agree with you that our bodies are so complex and that doctors are also facing new challenges daily.

Jane a middle aged lady working in a retail store and a good friend of mine stated experiencing this ‘lump in throat feeling,’ she just like many others had a problem with her health insurance and was unable to visit the hospital but was looking for a temporary but quick solution that did not involve her going to hospital.

She decided to deal with her lump by taking some home remedies like aloe Vera juice and also started avoiding any acidic foods as her lump was as a result of acid reflux.

Yes, it this helped reduce the pain and might help some people but is not a one size fits all kind of solution.

Before doing what Jane did, I believe it’s wise to know the real cause of your throat lump.

lump-in-throatWhat Causes the Lump in throat feeling?

There are many causes of throat lumps which include the following;

  1. Acid Reflux
  2. Allergies
  3. Anxiety
  4. Throat cancer
  5. Tumor
  6. Chronic Sore throats
  7. Chronic chest infections
  8. Throat Inflammation and Infections such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, causing the throat to be inflamed, swell, become red, start itching, or feel some pain in your throat

And many more, why?

There are many other reasons for throat lumps and this is not in any way conclusive. You may have taken some hot fluid that burnt your throat, or swallowed acid or even shouted out loudly and affected your larynx or voice box. One way or another the cells near the voice box have been affected either through inflammation or a growth.

Our sedentary lifestyle can also predispose us and become a cause of lump in throat. Taking a lot of caffeine products, smoking and drinking excessive alcohol have also been accused of the same.

Does the lump in throat feeling mean you have Throat Cancer?

Many people panic when they experience a lump in their throat and immediately associate it with throat cancer. However, throat cancer is rarely the cause of the lump in throat and one needs to be checked by an ENT doctor to establish the real source of the lump.

In fact the major cause of lump in throat feeling is anxiety, have you ever noticed that when you panic you experience a ‘shortness of breath’ and feeling like as if someone is trying to choke you.

Anxiety has been known to be the leading cause of the ‘lump in throat feeling,’ it is even worsened by the fact that many associate their lump in throat with the thought of ‘having throat cancer’ and hence panic the more. This tends to worsen your already painful throat. I would simply wish it away but only after a doctor’s visit.

It is important that you get check by the ear, nose and throat (E.N.T) doctor who will examine you and give the proper diagnosis.

How to make the Lump in Throat feeling go away

Now that we have gotten the facts right about the cause of the lump in your throat, then it is important that we discuss the possible solutions that could help relieve your pain. However, even as I stated before, there is no one size fits all kind of solution as it will all depend on the cause the lump in throat. Here are a few solutions to consider;

If the cause is from an acid reflux then try this;

  • Stay away from CAFFEINE. To be specific, avoid taking coffee (usually the highest in caffeine content), taking tea, and other caffeinated drinks. Soft drinks like Coke & Pepsi have been highlighted as being bad for you as they have a high level of acidity (pH of 2.3), Furthermore the carbonation leads you to start belching and furthers the acid reflux into your throat. Acidic juices like grapes and oranges also need to be avoided.
  • Avoid Mints and Chocolates.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages, and  especially before bedtime.
  • Quit SMOKING.
  • Do away with spicy foods and food with high fat content as the also tend to increase your chances of a reflux.
  • You might also need to consider loosing weight if you happen to be overweight. The excess weight make your body uncomfortable during sleep time and could easily cause a reflux.
  • Eat early, at least 3 Hrs Before heading to bed. Also avoid heavy meals before going to bed as it is worsens your reflux situation and leads to more lump in throat feeling.
  • Follow the doctor’s prescription to the letter unless s/he advises otherwise. You should not skip you reflux medication
  • Try elevating your head by using a comfortable pillow. The aim of this is to keep the tummy in a lower position and not the same level with the head to prevent the reflux.
  • Take your recommended acid reflux medication.

If the Cause is as a result of Allergies then;

You need to keep off the main cause of the allergy. This is more likely if you find yourself coughing up a lot of mucus in the morning. What happens is that during the night as you lie down flat your sinuses produces a lot of mucus to counter the allergic reaction this in turn accumulates behind your throat causing it to become blocked.

If this is the case then you’ll find yourself tending to spit a lot of mucus in the morning. Taking allergy pills or inhalers would help ease this.

Sometimes you may be experiencing the lump in throat due to an allergic reaction to a certain type of medication. You’ll need to discuss this with your doctor so that they can consider switching up the medication where possible. Other cases of allergy include certain food allergies and dust allergy.

In the next article we’ll dig deeper into the Lump in throat caused by anxiety and allergies. Keep checking here to find out more.

I so much appreciate feedback from you, please feel free to share your lump in throat experiences in my comment section.

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