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How to Get Rid of Painful Swallowing Caused by Lump in throat-Pennslyvania

painful swallowing

Are you experiencing difficulty swallowing food or liquids and feel painful swallowing due to a lump in throat. Here are a few remedies you need to consider using.

How to Get Rid of Painful Swallowing Caused by the Lump in throat

It’s very painful swallowing while having a lump in your throat. You find yourself crying in attempts to swallow food. How can you deal with this pain and be at ease when swallowing? This article highlights the causes of your pain while swallowing and gives tips on how to deal with them.

Before looking for remedies it is important that we examine the process of swallowing food and what challenges you face. The process of swallowing food is normally in four phases namely;

  1. First Phase: This is when the food enters the mouth and you are able to use your tongue to move it around inside the mouth. This enables you to chew the food and then pass it on to Phase 2.
  2. Second Phase: This begins when food enters the pharynx and is pushed towards the esophagus. Two important things happen here; one is that the opening to the esophagus opens to allow in food while the opening to the trachea closes to prevent from travelling to the lungs via the trachea.
  3. Third Phase: Food travels from the esophagus down using both gravity and peristalsis (a process where muscles contract and expand pushing food towards a certain path) to reach a second valve which opens to allow food into the stomach and closes to keep you from regurgitating.

Painful swallowing might be felt at any of the above phases but pain is mostly felt in the second and third phases mostly when there is any alien object or perceived object inside your throat.

painful swallowingIs Painful Swallowing only Associated to Lump in Throat?

Pain in your throat might be as a result of several factors and not only throat lumps. You could experience pain swallowing due to diseases affecting the brain such as stroke where nerves fail to coordinate the peristalsis process; from diseases affecting the muscles such as muscle spasms and systemic sclerosis, Dysphagia (explained in the video below) and diseases affecting the esophagus, lump in throat being one of them.

What’s really causing this Painful Swallowing?

This might be as a result of several issues associated with throat lumps and depends on the causes of lump in throat as described in our earlier post on causes of the lump in throat feeling it may be from a viral or bacterial infection or You may be having anxiety or panic attacks and therefore feel something stuck in your throat.

You may also find yourself experiencing a burning sensation in throat near the area of the lump in throat. This is normally related to acid reflux disease or GERD. The lump could also be as a result of reaction to allergies or signs that you are allergic to certain food stuff. You need to visit an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor to know more.

I have a Lump in throat, But Is the Painful Swallowing just a Symptom or a separate illness?

Yes, it’s only a symptom of the lump you’re having in your throat and cannot be treated as an illness on its own. Your ENT specialist will need to find out the real cause of the lump and prescribe the right medication depending on the findings to be able to deal with it effectively.

How to I deal with this Painful Swallowing Sensation during throat lumps?

Taking your prescribed medication is a great step and will not only help deal with the painful sensation but will also deal with the underlying cause of the lump in throat. Medications like Prilosec and Zantac for refluxes will cool down the throat’s burning sensation and soon you’ll be in good shape.

Are there home remedies to help relieve the painful swallowing and the lump in throat?

Yes, these are simple and natural remedies that you could use at home to help ease your pain. I will go ahead and list them here;

  • Glass of water: this is a great pain reliever and helps cool down your painful throat. Taking a glass of water every now and then will help deal with the painful sensation no matter the cause of the lump in throat.
  • Gargling Salt Water: this is very helpful especially when you mix warm (not hot) water with a tea spoonful of salt and gargle then spit it out. The salt mixture helps rid the throat of any mucus or phlegm that may be stuck there.
  • Gargling Apple Cider Vinegar: This is also helpful when you mix two tablespoons of the vinegar and a glass of warm water. Gargle, spit and Rinse with water each time and see how this goes.
  • Honey and Lemon mixture: This is a common solution that helps deal with a host of throat infections. It will help relieve your sore throat and give a soothing sensation. You may consider adding a little cinnamon to the mixture to get additional benefits.
  • Green Tea and Herbal tea: This is another way of dealing with the throat infections as the antioxidants in it help fight bacteria that causes sore throats.
  • Soup: taking some warm soup is a great pain reliever and helps soothe the throat lining plus adding the much needed nutrients to your body. One avoid taking hot soup as it might burn your throat and result in more throat illnesses including throat lumps.
  • Turmeric solution: this is a great help mostly if mixed together with honey and lemon and warm water.

In addition, you need to rest your throat by talking a little less frequently. I know this might not go well with you as you are used to answering calls and talking to both colleagues and friends but it’s very helpful to allow your throat to heal quickly.

Avoid caffeine, chocolates, sugary foods and spicy foods as they tend to aggravate the throat pain. Keep off dusty areas and places where there is smoke. You don’t want to start panting for air due to the lump in your throat or develop a sore throat.

Swallow small chunks of food. Swallowing large chunks will hurt your throat lump and aggravate it further. You need to eat small pieces and take enough time chewing the food before swallowing.

If you need to use water to help in the swallowing then do so but use small quantities so that you don’t fill your tummy with water instead of food.

Visit your local clinic or see an ENT specialist to examine your throat and help relieve you lump in throat pain when swallowing.

Lastly, if you or your loved one still experience difficulty swallowing then this video might be helpful

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